Thursday, October 2, 2008

I have moved...

I'm very sorry that I have been gone for much longer than I had intended!

I went to Buenos Aires and was so busy in the time leading up to the trip that I thought I would be able to make a post from the city, but unfortunately I could not. However, there were so many wonderful antique markets and street fairs there with tons of old papers and magazines and photos, that I realized how much I love all different types of ephemera! Recipes and food ads are a large part of that, of course, but there is still so much more out there that wouldn't have fit on this site but that I would love to be able to share.

So upon my return, I created a brand new vintage website, called (UPDATE 4/2014): The Vintage Site. On that site I will be going all through my collections of vintage recipes, fashion, post cards, photos, yearbooks, and various other miscellany, and posting it on a more frequent basis.

I hope you stop by if you get the chance, and that you enjoyed your time at Vintage Dish!

Click here to go to The Vintage Site